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About Us

HashKey Me, a self-custody wallet technology developed by HashKey Hub, utilizes TSS(Threshold Signature Scheme), maintaining both security and usability, carrying out the "Keyless" concept.

HashKey Me is an all-in-one wallet. It currently supports major blockchains including Bitcoin, Etherum, Polkadot and PlatON, with more to follow soon. Users can join the governance of these blockchains, such as voting & staking, and access DeFi & DApps with just one tap.

MeID is a distributed digital identity protocol following the W3C DID standards, which also guarantees both data privacy and usability. With HashKey Me Wallet and MeID Protocol, we are trying to further explore more use cases on top of the blockchain ecosystem.

HashKey Hub Limited(HongKong) ,founded by HashKey Group in 2019, dedicates to providing users with across-the-board and convenient gateway to deposit and management services for digital assets. The core team members are mostly senior practitioners in the blockchain and traditional financial areas, who used to work for Ant Financial, UBS, Wanxiang blockchain and other renowned enterprises.

Business cooperation:contact@me.hashkey.com